Mass Media

Mass Media is the sharing of information from a few people to a larger audience. The technologies through which this communication takes place varies, “broadcast” media like radio, recorded music, film and television transmit their information electronically. “Print” media use a physical object such as a newspaper, book, or flier, to distribute their information. “Outdoor” media is a form of mass media that comprises billboards, or signs placed inside and outside of commercial buildings, sports areas, shops and public transport.





The Internet is a more interactive medium of mass media

Concept internet communication

, with the invention of the World Wide Web marked the first era in which most individuals could have a means of exposure on a scale comparable to that of mass media. Anyone with a web site has the potential to address a global audience. Although a large amount of information and content has been made available, it is often difficult to determine the reliability of information contained in web pages (which is in many cases, self-published). The invention of the Internet has also allowed breaking news stories to reach around the globe within minutes. This rapid growth of instantaneous sharing of knowledge has changed mass media and its relationship to society.


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